About us

The company, located in the province of Lucca (Italy), was founded by owner Canal Marcello in 1970 and has expanded itself over the years investing in new specific machinery for large-scale production.

Our photo frame backs are produced in different material (MDF, Fibre) and in different sizes, colours and shapes (rectangular, oval, round or customized). They are manufactured with (or without) standard and extendable legs that can be adjusted to different thicknesses according to customer needs.

La Lavorazione

The processing starts with cutting by means of precise machinery sectioning in the requested size both back and strut (also called “leg”). Some products require a finishing of the back so we proceed then with the covering of rear side with velvet or paper or special applications like for example the printing of the customer’s logo or any other drawing on the backside.

The assembly of the strut to the back occurs by means of an American hinge supporting any frame size. In recent years we have introduced the slide easel hinge, which suits any moulding width. The strut drops out up to 2,4 cm from the bottom. Packaging and ready delivery follow production. A further product of our wide range is the MDF back for clip frames suitable for wall mounting or standing.

Our collection includes the production of MDF panels and cardboards with a special finishing called “fibre”. These materials are available in different thicknesses from 1 – 1.5 mm. Hangers for wall mounting and leaf springs are to be applied. These materials are cut in rectangular, oval, round and any shape in the requested size by means of a high precision cutting machine. The materials used for our products range from the classic economic M.D.F., faced with various velvet colours or paper, to black and beige cardboard of different thickness, up to the  “decorated” line with chestnut, black varnished and a very elegant wood-like finishing.

Among our backs is to be found the historical model called “GHIERA”, an easel back with door-like opening which entirely covers the rear side of the frame giving the photo frame a very elegant and accurate look used also by producers of luxury frames. In the “Ghiera” model the photo can be inserted through a rear door. This article is available in coloured cardboard or velvet.